Welcome, so this website is a relatively new venture & it's my intention that this becomes 'The' forum for my ongoing work.

It's taken 30 years of being a jobbing commercial and Film & Television photographer to realise that it's these pictures that are why I love photography.

This body of work is the result of two world experiences the Surf Culture of 90's Australia & Cornwall where I have lived for the last 10 years but it's the last two that I have returned to using a film camera almost daily.

Seemingly always having been drawn to the coast, the rich and also simple landscape of Cornwall is my constant inspiration.

A line between the sea and sky which changes by the second, a cloud reflected in calm waters becomes rain on the lens. 

Days that look like offering little opportunity have changed from T-Shirt temperatures to heavy Snow on sand.

Picture hunting, it's a search that just reveals itself, for too many years a prescriptive approach has been mandatory but now unburdened, I prepare ( film in my bag ), observe and wait. Now, no instant digital gratification but the scary thrill of negatives spawning success or failure. It's so rewarding...

With recent commissions to provide a sizeable gallery of large framed Coastal Scapes I am buzzing from the experience of realising my 35mm Negatives in to 1000mm frames, the whole process has been a joy, one that has created a real sense of closure, a chance captured moment now permanently displayed.

Bear with me as I develop the websites functionality for pricing and services, meanwhile Please do not hesitate to enquire with print requests, small, framed large or even commissions for portraits and specific favourite spots.

Accommodating & reasonable ...


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