The Package

Your Wedding Day

Covering a 10 Hour Day digitally, the edited and crafted pictures are delivered on a quality *Pen Drive in two formats.

As small JPG's for ease of viewing & emailing purposes and as full resolution JPG's which represent the images at their very highest quality for the purpose of fine printing.

Each edited image is also printed as a 6x4" print, a ten hour day typically produces in excess of 350 images, these prints along with the Pen Drive are delivered to you in a Beautiful presentation box.

The entire day is also uploaded to your own password protected web Gallery, a link to this web gallery can then be forwarded to friends & family, they can then view at their own leisure & also  download individual images or the entire day Free of Charge.

The Days pictures are then yours, unequivocally, no hidden charges, no obligation to be tied into expensive print or album packages, ultimately giving you the freedom to create your own visual representations of the day.

Total Cost £1100-00

Due to my present schedule, I can only offer this single package, although I may be able to offer a reduction for weekday weddings.

I am always happy to answer any query you might have, so please do not hesitate to contact me

*All images are securely archived and duplicate pen drives can always be ordered.


My 25 years experience as a Professional Photographer and the resultant reputation I have acquired in the Film & Television Industry means I can guarantee the successful provision of quality imagery that truly represents the beauty and importance of your day. 

You can be assured that your day will be without compromise as this Cornwall & National service is provided with the upmost diligence, respect & consideration .

So, why not have the Poldark photographer capture your day....

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